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Altadore: A Focus on Community in Calgary

Located in the Southwest portion of Calgary is a community called Altadore. It is situated between Crowchild Trail and 14th street and started around the 1920’s but was established around the 1950’s.

This community has easy access to Calgary’s best parks which leads to their ranking in Avenue magazine as 6th of Calgary’s Best Neighborhoods in the year 2010. This ranking makes them a top in the list of Calgary communities to check out of home buyers. In 2019, with an Altadore houses for sale had average price of $984,025 a whopping 124 residential homes were sold in Altadore while with an average price of $448,575 a total of 42 condos were sold.

This community was established in 1945 and there were major redevelopments around the neighborhood ever since. Some of the properties were renovated while others were newly built and has fresh modern styles. Altadore is near the south of Marda Loop and is desired by many home buyers as it is proximate to the well-known communities of Garrison Woods and South Calgary.

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Altadore has an estimated number of 10,000 residents  in the area which makes it quite populated. Even though having a high number of residents, this community still has a variety of real estate properties to choose from bungalows, townhomes, and condos to choose from. The transportation in Altadore is undergoing improvement as there is an expansion of Highway 8 to the west and the development of Calgary Ring Road. Once the improvements are finished, transportation will be more accessible and easy. Various boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs are found in the Marda Loop shopping district, one of the biggest open-air shopping places.

There are also banks and offices, parlors and/or salons, gyms, and medical and/or dental clinics around the neighborhood. New buildings that are sold for business opportunities are also being built in the community. Marda Gras, a New Orleans-themed festival that is held annually every August attracts residents all around Calgary to the Marda Loop area of Altadore. This showcases the liveliness and the quality of life of the community. River Park, Elbow River, and Sandy Beach Park are the borders of Altadore.

Elbow River is quite popular with their off-leash dog walking, floats, and picnic places. Another entertainment place is the Grey Eagle Casino which accommodates events such as concerts, buffets, and is a well-known gabling venue.

There is also a wide selection of schools for students to choose from. It is a relatively safe community with a few vandalism and vehicle-related thefts around the neighborhood. It is best to install an alarm system for you and your families’ safety. The community has recreational activities for the residents to enjoy and the sports team to play in such as tennis courts, pools, and skating rinks. Some of these amenities are turned into camps in the summer.

This place is not only for residents and sports teams as it also welcomes catering groups, doll enthusiasts, orchid society, and miniatures club. The convenience and vibrant community of Altadore draws potential home buyers who are seeking for a home to settle in the long run. When shopping around for homes for sale in Altadore you may want to check out the pros over at Real Estate Partners, a Calgary real estate agency located in downtown Calgary. See below…


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