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Gated Communities: The Best and Worst Things About it

Gated communities might be all the rage for people tired of living in rough neighborhoods. The gates and the clean appearance make it easy to see why it would grow on you. However, even perfect places like this hide an ugly truth.

Not everything is what it seems in gated communities. As with all things, there are pros and cons to living in one. Here they are.

Pros/ Privacy, Security, Safety

If you wanted to live anywhere, you won’t get a safer place than gated communities. They are gated for a reason—this is to provide people a safe place to live in. Visitors don’t just get in without a confirmation from the person they’re visiting. This goes for everyone else who lives here.

Cons/ Loss of Connection to the Outside

The problem of living in a gated community, however, is that you feel like what you can do is limited. You also get a feeling of isolation from what’s really happening. Gated communities might feel safe, but they also have very strict policies that may not sit well with people who are free spirits.

Pros/ No Problem with Traffic

The roads on a gated community are exclusively for use of the people living there—that means there are less vehicles coming and going. The streets are also well taken care of, depending on the developers of the place. You can be sure that there’ll be no other motorists who use the road.

Cons/ Higher Way of Live

The problem here lies in the comforts too. With the rehabilitation of the roads—and everything else—the developers have to get the funds somewhere. That’s where the homeowner’s fees come in. Among other costs, this makes living in a gated community rather expensive.

The pros and cons only work for as long as you want to live or not in a gated community. There are better places to live—and they may not be behind gates. Take your time in choosing a home as it’s a big investment.

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