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The Truth about Gated Communities: Why People Seek Them Out

One of the great American dreams is to live in your home safely. If that’s not possible, the dream is then at least to live in relative safety within your neighborhood. People pine for the days that they can walk around and know everyone and smile, knowing their children will be growing up in a safe and secure environment.

That’s why people seek gated communities. While not really safer than a normal suburban neighborhood, there are still some things that make gated communities a better choice.

A Feeling of Safety

Since gated communities are technically separated from the general suburb, you’re granted a certain level of security, if only a slight one. You can sleep at ease without thinking you’ll be broken into during the night. Anyone who enters is scrutinized—even the landscapers who your children might see as scary.

A Sense of Neighborhood

The old communities of way, way back used to greet and nod to each other. While this happens today, in a gated community, you have a better chance at a close neighborhood. Since you’re basically all living within one enclosed area, even the neighbors that are a little farther from you know who you are.

A Common Ground

By common, we mean that gated communities usually assign an area for collecting garbage. These areas are where everyone throws their refuse; it’s not hard to miss. While it may be unfortunate if it’s a block or two away from you, at least you know where to bring your garbage to be collected.

A Perfect Home

Safety, security, and stability—this is what gated communities tend to offer. Couple that with a home that’s built to be like everyone else, and you’ve got yourself a keeper. Gated communities offer you a guaranteed sturdy, reliable structure to live in.

If you like the feeling of a structured life as well as homes that are to stand the test of time, gated communities may bring you that. There are cons, but the pros make it irresistible to look for one to live in.

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