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Your First Gated Home: Tips for Buying Gated Community Homes

It’s very easy to figure out why a person wants to live in a gated community. You may have your own reasons, but some of the top reasons include security, the feeling of safety, and generally the amenities and services that the community provides you and your family.

It’s not that simple, however; you should have standards even when buying homes in a gated community. When you’re looking for a home, you should look for these things first.

Paperwork: Permits, Contracts

There are some developers that often run into trouble with their paperwork. Sometimes, they cut corners just to get a project done. If you ask for papers like these from your developers and they readily show it to you, it’s a good sign that the community was on the right track as it was built.

Gates: Fit for Condominiums

What makes gated communities special is that is it akin to a condominium. When you’re living in one, the gates are for restricting people who come and go. Check that your community is designated as a condominium. If the paperwork exists then you’ve got the right to restrict entrance to people.

Roads: Who’s in Charge of Maintenance?

You have to check the roads for any signs of cracks or bumps. Chances are if you see a few cracks here and there, the developer may be guilty of neglect. Gated communities aren’t governed by the city government when it comes to roads and you better make sure the developer is on top of the situation.

Architecture: What’s Allowed and What Isn’t?

A gated community always has a guidebook on what structures are allowed and what just isn’t. If you want to re-design your home or add features to it, remember the guidebook by heart. It will save you the trouble of asking the community board for permission to renovate or build.

Any home within a gated community is considered a dream home, but only if the developer is a dream come true too. Check the developer first and not the homes if you’re looking for a permanent abode.

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